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Yoga is a powerful and transcendental journey that awaits everyone with open arms. It provides a cleansing release through physical practice that expands our hearts, minds, and spirits, ultimately leading to individual, and therefore, collective growth. Yoga is the impossibly intricate, yet surprisingly simple web that is woven with every thought, movement, motion, intention, and deep inner summoning.

And we are all weavers.

About Steph

Steph Gongora (@casa_colbiri) is a certified yoga and aerial teacher currently based in Austin, TX. She completed her first formal 200hr training with Meghan Currie, and continued to pursue an additional 300hr training with Christina Sell at The San Macros School of Yoga. In Austin, she regularly attends additional training with Erinn Lewis of Sukha Yoga, and recently started another online 200hr study with Alanna Kaivalya.

An athlete her whole life, Steph practiced gymnastics until high school, taught pole fitness during college (where she studied Biology and Chemistry), and started a serious daily yoga practice over three years ago. Her teaching style combines precise breakdowns of form and anatomical cuing with a creative flow style, stressing unusual transitions and authentic movements practices. She has developed a deep love and respect for inversions of all kinds, which is what promoted her to write her first E-Book in early 2016 – The Beginner’s Guide to Handstand.

Steph is happily married with three furry children and has plans to move down to Costa Rica in the fall of 2016 to start construction on a Functional Medicine/Yoga retreat center on the South Pacific coast. When she isn’t doing yoga, she enjoys reading, writing, anything outdoors, writing more E-Books (probably about more Yoga) and spending time with her little family.

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 My Yoga is... . . Choosing to get on my mat everyday even if that just means sitting in child's pose for 10 minutes. . . Clinging to patience in rush hour traffic when all I want to is scream and shake my fist at the world for interrupting my day. . . Chanting mantra (sometimes just inside my head) while palm rolling my dreadlocks, in the car, in the shower, while on hold with obnoxious customer service reps, in long lines, and at random moments throughout the day when I find I need it. . . Writing in my journal each morning instead of scrolling through the Facebook feed. . . Forgoing the last 10 minutes of bedtime coziness to venture out into the drizzle and throw the ball for Rue (Bear). . . Strict asana form practice with attention to every detail/muscle/movement/breath. . Formless flow, random movement, booty shaking, freedom felt in every wiggle/dip/dive/dance of my body. . . . Cultivating community through social media connections that often bloom into physical friendships. . . . Choosing what limits to put on my body when it comes to physical capabilities and nutrition and what limits Never to set. . . . Letting go of any pretensions that I know what's best for others. . . Using quiet time (like in the shower) to ask big questions of myself, instead of playing "what if" scenarios. . . Every time I hold back an unnecessary and hurtful word or phrase that reflects more on me than the person I'm spewing it about. . . Learning to recognize those thoughts before they even begin to form words and replace them with something higher. . . Admitting that I've only begun to scrape the surface, and that there is still so much to learn, and that I need guidance to get there. . . My Yoga is... . . . Abstaining from any judgement on what Yoga is to anyone other than me. . . . . .  @rabahrahil  Don't tell me I'm the prettiest . you've ever seen... . Tell me I'm a warrior, tell me I'm stronger than any of the blows I've taken and I wear the scars well. . . . - @sica.says #sicasaccone .  @lifeinanimage
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 Missing @drbenhouse already, and I just dropped him off for his ride to the airport. . . First time officially alone in the jungle.  Good thing I have four ferocious puppy guards and lots to do! . . Happy Wednesday, Friends! #oahs  Happy Day Of Thanks & Giving, my lovely friends. . . Thank you to everyone who has been #keepingupwithKevin (insta-story). He's medicated and fed and out back sleeping in the bodega (he prefers that to the house). . . I'm definitely not one for Black Friday madness, but what I do understand is buying quality items you need at a discount AND having an opportunity to give back to others. . @mandukayoga is having a Black Friday to Giving Tuesday sale that has 25% off their gift guide and free shipping over $50. . . But more importantly, for every black Pro mat sold, they donate one to a school. Loving that. . . My Manduka eKO and Pro are really the only mats I use for my serious practices. They are the BEST and no one has to pay me to say that. ✌️ . . Hope you got to spend quality time with loved ones, and sent some well wishes to those would could not. . . .  @lifeinanimage
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