Casa Colibri – Pole, Yoga, & Aerials with Steph Gongora


Yoga is a powerful and transcendental journey that awaits everyone with open arms. It provides a cleansing release through physical practice that expands our hearts, minds, and spirits, ultimately leading to individual, and therefore, collective growth. Yoga is the impossibly intricate, yet surprisingly simple web that is woven with every thought, movement, motion, intention, and deep inner summoning.

And we are all weavers.

About Steph

Steph Gongora (@casa_colbiri) is a certified yoga and aerial teacher currently based in Austin, TX. She completed her first formal 200hr training with Meghan Currie, and continued to pursue an additional 300hr training with Christina Sell at The San Macros School of Yoga. In Austin, she regularly attends additional training with Erinn Lewis of Sukha Yoga, and recently started another online 200hr study with Alanna Kaivalya.

An athlete her whole life, Steph practiced gymnastics until high school, taught pole fitness during college (where she studied Biology and Chemistry), and started a serious daily yoga practice over three years ago. Her teaching style combines precise breakdowns of form and anatomical cuing with a creative flow style, stressing unusual transitions and authentic movements practices. She has developed a deep love and respect for inversions of all kinds, which is what promoted her to write her first E-Book in early 2016 – The Beginner’s Guide to Handstand.

Steph is happily married with three furry children and has plans to move down to Costa Rica in the fall of 2016 to start construction on a Functional Medicine/Yoga retreat center on the South Pacific coast. When she isn’t doing yoga, she enjoys reading, writing, anything outdoors, writing more E-Books (probably about more Yoga) and spending time with her little family.

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 So lovely to play with everyone today at @austinyogameetup . I treasure the friendships with those I connect with here on the 'gram. But almost a year and a half ago, I thought it might be fun to see if we could take our little online community here in Austin, and turn it into a real life adventure. So began #austinyogameetup , which was at first, just me posting on my personal account stating..."I'll be here in this public place at this date and time. Let's do some yoga and connect." The first time, about seven people showed up, including @lynzy_atx_yogi @yoga.dave and @heyalisia . It was amazing, but it became clear that with a little organization, it would be even more so! The next month, @inlovewithabeernerd led a mini warm up flow to make sure everyone was ready to play together. A few months after that, we started doing an optional raffle with donated prizes and 100% of the funds going to a local charity. Local teachers were featured each month, healthy snacks and food samples distributed, and all the fun was had. What started with just 7 people, grew to over 120 yogis at our one year anniversary event, and the best part is, each meet up seems to have at least 1/3-1/2 of the crowd made up of first timers. Why am I telling you this? Because I get asked all the time how to connect with and meet other yogis in your area. And the answer is simple. Reach out. Start something. It might be small at first, but don't be disappointed. Build on the small foundation and make it bigger. Make more connections. Cultivate more community. @austinyogameetup has since spread to @houstonyogameetup and @sanantonioyogameetup . Want one? Start your own. Big thanks to @inlovewithabeernerd and for taking this crazy idea into the future. AYM is honored to have you two as leaders. Big thanks to all the teachers who have donated their time, assistants their loving touch, studios their spaces, sponsors their prizes, and companies their snacks and beverages. #Austin , it's been a pleasure, and I'll miss you.  @lifeinanimage Outfits: @aloyoga  BUNDLE SALE - Working on your inversion game? - - @thebeginnersguidetoyoga brings you our first two e-books, now in a nice convenient, discounted bundle! - - #thebeginnersguidetohandstand and #thebeginnersguidetohandstandpressing , both over 100 pages of color photos, drills, strengtheners, alignment breakdowns, and flows! - - Great by themselves, but even better together.  Available on (check profile link) and visit @thebeginnersguidetoyoga for more details, as well as tips/tricks. - - Once purchased, you will need to download (wifi recommended) and then either save as a PDF (computer) or open in/copy to/save to iBooks/Kindle (phone/tablet). Having issues? Email - - Ps - Casa Colibri means Hummingbird House. A little bird told me that HUMMINGBIRD just might be a discount code... ✨
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