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We understand that not everyone has the time and resources for an in-person continued education module and/or training! Steph offers support through her books (paperback & e-book format), online workshops, video clinics, free YouTube samples, and MORE!

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Course launch Oct 1st, 2020. On-demand, work at your own pace with personalized feedback and live teaching opportunities. Access content for two years. 


PRE-SALE with course launch April 1, 2021. On-demand work weeks with LIVE -streamed Saturdays for community connection. Get the best of both worlds! Meant for those with a base 200HR training.

BOOKS - Paperback + E-Book

Steph offerings the following books in paperback or e-book format:


Starting a Yoga Practice – All Levels

Full Body Backbends – All Levels

Handstand – Level 2

Parada de Manos (español) – Level 2

Handstand Pressing – Level 3


Online workshops from Steph & Erin through Current offerings include:

Starting a Yoga Practice – Level 1

Backbend Flip Grip – Level 2

Complete Core – Level 2

 Inversions I&2 – Level 2/3

Arm Balances I&2  – Level 2/3

Partnership Offerings & Videos

Steph Offers Videos/Workshops/Continued Education Through Select Partner Programs


Steph & Erin have partnered with OmStars to offer:


Graceful Strength Transition Classes

Continued Education in Sequencing Workshops

Alo Moves (Formerly Cody App)

Partnership Offerings from


Invoke the Goddess Within

Invoke the Natural Goddesses

Full Body Backbends

FREE YouTube Classes!

Check out our limited Free YouTube Offerings to Sample Steph's Teaching!

FREE YouTube Classes

We understand that everyone’s teaching style is very different! Steph offers a few free YouTube classes to try out her specific teaching voice and rhythm. Be sure to pick the one that’s best for you from the Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced sample offerings!